Richard Stivelman

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Richard Stivelman received his M.D. from Utrecht University (“UU”) School of Medicine in the Netherlands in 1958.  His profound gratitude to the school and the Netherlands for making his professional dreams a reality remained with him throughout his entire life. We would now like to show this gratitude to UU, by contributing to a special project at the university that addresses an issue dear to his heart.

Anyone who knew Richard knows how much he loved being at and living near water: from Long Island to the canals of Utrecht to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Even during his time in Utrecht, the oceans and seas were his friend as he traveled from New York to Rotterdam by ship. Throughout his life, his deep concern for the health of the planet’s seas was a serious topic of many conversations.

UU’s Plastic Soup project is addressing that very concern. They are developing 'drifters', similar to buoys, that will aid in removing the overwhelming amount of plastic plaguing our oceans all over the world. You can see the prototype above.  Each drifter costs only € 800 (approx. $950 US), but any amount is greatly appreciated. The importance of this project cannot be understated.  You can read more details about it here or watch this informative video.

Please join us in honoring Richard and the important work at UU by contributing to this exceptional project. Maybe there’s another American student whose life will be positively changed by your help!

Click Donate in the top-right, or if you are American, your contribution may be tax-deductible.  Check out The Utrecht University American Friends Fund website for more info.

Thank you.