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Give a helping hand in making outstanding scientific research possible and become a supporter of one of the projects. Donate and share your involvement with others. 100% of your donation will be allocated to the goal of your choice. The Utrecht University fund supports extraordinary research at Utrecht University.

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If you have no one around you who has attended university earlier, you can often have more questions about how studying works and experience some challenges. As a so-called 'first-generation student', assistant professor Charisma Hehakaya also experienced this when she was a student. Charisma would like to give her knowledge, experience and financial support to these students. She has taken the initiative to establish the First-Generation Fund together with the Utrecht University Fund. In order to set up a sustainable fund with which to provide subsidies from the returns, your support is very welcome. The First-Generation Fund aims to provide financial support to first-generation students.  Charisma and the First-Generation Fund appeared in social media: NRC Algemeen Dagblad Volkskrant Nature Human Behaviour  
First Generation Fund