First-Generation Fund

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If you are the first of your family to go to university, a so-called "first-generation student," you usually find it harder to find your way there. Charisma Hehakaya also experienced this when she was a student. Now that she is obtaining her doctorate, she would like to give knowledge, experience and financial support to these students. She has taken the initiative to establish the First-Generation Fund together with the Utrecht University Fund.

In order to set up a sustainable fund with which to provide subsidies from the returns, your support is also desperately needed. Because only with your support the ambitious goal of €100,000 can be realized.

Utrecht University has a focus on first-generation students. The First-Generation Fund wants to give them extra support so that they too can feel at home and safe within Utrecht's academic community. This is done not only by providing grants, but also by offering mentorship and sharing stories. Help and donate now!


Charisma Hehakaya, a first-generation (PhD) student, took the initiative to establish the First-Generation Fund after graduating (post-master Clinical Epidemiology at Utrecht University). She has also experienced challenges during her studies. Charisma wants to give back knowledge, experience and financial support to other and future first-generation students at Utrecht University.

Charisma completed a bachelor and master Science, Business & Innovation: Life & Health and master Business Administration at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Since September 2018, she has been pursuing her PhD at Division of Imaging & Oncology at UMC Utrecht and recently completed the post-master Clinical Epidemiology at Utrecht University.