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Music, history and festivity. Thijl brings it all together. For the first time in 38 years, the biggest Dutch opera ever written will be performed on a former military airfield. A specially created theatre will form the stage for this Dutch masterpiece. Freedom has its price, that’s the story the opera tells us. Thijl Uilenspiegel, a 16th century trickster, leads the revenge against the Spanish invaders in the Eighty Years’ War but soon finds out that to fight for your principles you have to make sacrifices. Despite the brawls he encouters, Thijl and his companions represent hope, courage and enjoyment. Your help is needed to make this project come true. With your support Utrecht University students and the finest opera professionals are united to perform this absolute masterpiece. Starting from 25 euro, you will receive early access for the ticketing and gain features on your ticket. More information?
Thijl 2018