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from €75.000 (12%)

Donate to the UCU Fund today to help support tomorrow's talent.

For a quarter of a century, University College Utrecht has provided a top-ranked education and an inspiring community to students from diverse backgrounds.

We believe that every student with the talent and desire to study at UCU should have access to financial aid, regardless of their financial circumstances. Therefore, as part of our efforts to expand our financial aid programme and assist more deserving students, the UCU Fund has set a goal of raising at least €75.000 in 2023 to:

  • cover three years of tuition for one non-EEA and one EEA student,
  • help support students who have demonstrated perseverance and leadership amidst adversity through funds provided by the Rosemary Orr Scholarship,
  • and raise funds to help students participate in the UCU Global Mental Health Project in Jamaica and the UCU East Africa Programme.

In honour of UCU's 25th anniversary, we aim to have at least 250 participants contribute to help us reach our goal. Your contribution to the UCU Fund can help us make a significant difference in the lives of students who might not otherwise have access to the educational programme offered at UCU.

Join us in creating a more equitable future by donating today.

Do you have questions about the UCU Fund or the campaign?

Contact Kim Donaldson, Alumni Relations and Development Officer, at

Our Case for Support

As one of the few university colleges in the Netherlands with a need-based financial aid programme, we are committed to ensuring that talented students from all walks of life have the opportunity to attend UCU. Each academic year, there are 45-55 students receiving a need-based scholarship from the College. However, the demand for financial assistance has grown significantly over the years. On average, 100 admitted incoming degree students require approximately €1.2 million in financial aid each year but UCU's ability to help is limited. The current UCU Fund can only partially support 14-15 of these students annually.

Our research indicates that for the 85% of admitted students who do not receive any financial aid, particularly those from outside of the EEA, the inability to cover financial costs is the primary reason for not attending UCU. 

Once students are at UCU, we also strive to provide support for those who may not have the resources to participate in programmes such as the Global Health Project in Jamaica and East Africa Programme.

Contributing to the UCU Fund will help UCU expand the financial aid programme and increase the number of students we can assist.

Together we grow.

The campaign has two goals: firstly, to increase the funds available to support scholarships for deserving students; and secondly, to encourage philanthropic participation amongst the UCU community and friends of the College.

Why €75.000?

Increase available funds in the UCU Fund by €60.000 to support students in financial need

The fundraising goal for the UCU Fund is to raise €60.000, which will cover three years of tuition fees for one non-EEA student and one EEA student. The current tuition fees for EEA students is €4.802, while non-EEA students pay €14.665.

Raise €7.500 for the Rosemary Orr Scholarship to support students who have demonstrated perseverance and leadership amidst adversity

The Rosemary Orr Scholarship was established in 2017 by a group of UCU alumni with the aim to provide financial assistance to students who have demonstrated perseverance and leadership amidst adversity. With a goal of raising €7.500, the scholarship committee intends to continue honouring the memory of Dr. Rosemary Orr, a voracious proponent of Liberal Arts and Sciences education and a true mentor to many students at University College Utrecht. 

Help raise €7.500 to make the UCU Global Mental Health Project in Jamaica and UCU East Africa Programme accessible for all students

The Global Mental Health project aims to provide an opportunity for University College Utrecht students to study mental health in a global context This knowledge is in increasing demand in today’s society. The project is led and supported by Dr. Robert Dunn.

The UCU East Africa programme seeks to inspire tomorrow’s global leaders and citizens, whether those working directly in fields associated with international development or those in other fields implicated by globalisation.

25 Years, 250 Donors

As part of UCU's 25th anniversary celebrations, the campaign is challenging the UCU community to reach a participation goal of 250 donors this year. By coming together and contributing to the campaign, we can make a significant impact towards increasing scholarship support for deserving students. Our impact is greater together. Any amount makes a difference.