Help refugee students

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"I live far away from Utrecht. In the beginning I paid for the travel costs myself with some financial support from my friend. However, I couldn't keep up with the costs. I asked Incluusion if they could cover for transportation costs. I was lucky that for me this was possible. Without financial help from Incluusion I couldn't have done this myself." - Rima


Help refugee students, like Rima, by donating!


We need your help.

Incluusion has helped over 400 refugee students in continuing their education. We often hear from our students that our program has helped them overcome loneliness and depression. At the moment we can only help a handful of refugee students in the Netherlands. We want to give more refugee students the opportunity to study and give meaning to their days. In order to do this we need your help.


How will we use your donation?

Travel costs. A majority of refugee students come from outside of Utrecht and do not have the means to pay for travel costs. At the moment we have to turn them down. If we reach our goal for this fundraising we will be able to help these students continue their education and lives by paying for their travel costs.