Help refugee students

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Incluusion offers refugees the chance to get enrolled in courses of Utrecht University for free. Thanks to Incluusion over 300 refugee students have participated in courses. 

Why is this important? Incluusion is a call to action to make use of the waiting period of refugees. Exclusion has negative consequences for both the refugees and society at large. It leads to lower labor market participation and can be a cause for loneliness, depression and other mental health problems. By offering newcomers the chance to attend courses at Utrecht University, they get the opportunity to become involved, to continue their education and integrate into Dutch society. 

Despite the success of Incluusion, students face some difficulties. Due to the cultural and educational differences students often lack the appropriate academic skills. Furthermore, for many students from outside of Utrecht it is not financially feasible to travel to Utrecht on a regular basis. With your donation we can tackle these problems by offering courses in academic skills and finding travel solutions for students from outside of Utrecht.

Elena Valbusa

"Before I started the course I was extremely bored. I ate, I slept and I sometimes watched a film. Life in the reception centre is tough. Studying keeps my brain active. I learn something new and I develop myself as a person." – Yves, Incluusion student