Geology clips during your favorite cycling races

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Cycling races - a wonderful phenomenon in which you watch hours of television in anticipation of the heroic action to come. And those hours are filled with stories about riders, castles, the local cuisine... but only rarely about the secrets that the landscape through which the race leads.

Geo-Sports has changed that in recent years. Presenters Douwe van Hinsbergen and Marjolein Naudé, geologists at Utrecht University, have taken you through a billion years of Earth history, from meteorite impacts to exploding volcanoes, from mountains to stalactite caves, and from dinosaur footprints to the Flemish hills: every time the road goes up or goes down, there is a geological reason behind it. And Geo-Sports tells them.

For two years we covered the geology of France and the spring classics, which were broadcast by NOS and ITV (UK) and became a hit across our social media channels. But there is so much more.

Through this page we ask you for a contribution to also make clips for the Italian spring and autumn classics (Strade Bianche, Milan-Sanremo, Il Lombardia). In the future, we also plan to develop clips and blogs for stages of the Giro d'Italia, and the Vuelta à España.

All contributions are used by the Geosciences faculty for producing the clips and professional editing of the blogs. The presenters are employed by Utrecht University and offer their services free of charge, just like the blog writers from knowledge institutes from all over the world.

Thank you for your contribution, and have fun with the backgrounds and surfaces of the race!

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Douwe, Marjolein, and the Geo-Sports Team!

Douwe is a geologist. He works as professor of Global Tectonics and Paleogeography at Utrecht University. Douwe is also a big cycling fanatic and because of his knowledge and experience in geology all over the world, he not only sees the athletes, but also geological excursions they ride through while watching cycling. Since 2021, he has therefore been explaining the geology of cycling races, including but certainly not limited to the Tour de France. Since 2022, he has been recording clips that are used by Dutch and English TV during the broadcasts of cycling races.

Marjolein studied geology and is currently a junior lecturer for the department of Earth Sciences at Utrecht University. During her study she focused on stories told from the insides of long-dead volcanoes, the movement of tectonic plates, and how rocks can bend and break. She also uses her theatrical background, playing Shakespear and beyond, to share her excitement about geology and all things science with anyone who will sit still for long enough. Since 2023 she became a host in the Geo-Sports videos explaining the geology of the Tour de France, but she can also be found travelling around the theaters of The Netherlands as a host for a primary school science show.