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The world's biodiversity is declining rapidly. In the Utrecht University Botanic Gardens, we are therefore creating a new Evolution Garden. Here, our visitors experience what plant evolution is and they learn about the importance of biodiversity. In the Evolution Garden, you will discover that the plant kingdom is always moving. And that scientific research into plant evolution and biodiversity never stands still.

Action stations will be set up at the places in the garden where the eight key moments in the evolution of the plant kingdom become visible. There you can playfully discover how a vascular system works. Or to what plants owe their sturdiness.

The scientists and education specialists of the Botanic Gardens use their knowledge to develop inspiring action stations. But we also have to build them. And we cannot do that without your support.

Help make the story of plant evolution and biodiversity an experience and donate!

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Please contact Floor Peeters, fundraiser at Utrecht University Fund and Botanic Gardens Utrecht University at or (+31) 6 - 53 27 98 58.